· Maintained a clean and safe environment by sweeping and mopping the floor.

Candidate 2

Rose E. Smith

High School Diploma – Graduated 2002

Work History


June 2009 until August 2013 – IL

· Maintained a clean and safe environment by sweeping and mopping the floor.

· Operated dishwashing equipment by loading dishes and putting them in their proper place when finished.

· Ability to work as a team player or independently as needed.

· Completed various tasks as directed by direct supervisor.


June 2006 until August 2008 –IL

· Maintained a clean and sanitized work environment by showering upon arrival and exit of work shift.

· Operated wiz knife to prepare swine for production.

· Operated bacon line by wrapping, packaging, and preparing shipments.

· Completed multiple tasks as directed by supervisor.


August 2002 until June 2006 IL

· Designed, structured, and inspected pallets to be prepared for shipment to another company.

· Weighed, arranged, and packaged caterpillar bolts on pallets to be prepared for shipment.

· Manufactured clips to be inserted and structured on machinery.

· Assembled parts on toilet interior and prepared toilets for shipment.

· Assembled and structured canvas frames by measuring and cutting wood, stretching canvas across wood and inserting staples to assemble the frames.


· Reliable, dependable, and punctual.

· Ability to work as a team player or independently.

· Ability to adapt to various work environments and catch on quickly.

· Ability to operate machinery and equipment as needed.


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