Union plays a prominent role in helping the employees to raise their voice regarding any dissatisfaction in an organization

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Union plays a prominent role in helping the employees to raise their voice regarding any dissatisfaction in an organization. In the initial stage if an employee brings a union leaflet and urges other employees to sign it, they must know the role union will supposedly play for the employees of the organization. It becomes obvious that an organization would not any third party to interfere in their procedures and would instigate the employees by showing the harm it can cause (Lewin, 2018). It might create confusion within the organization about what to do or not. However, in such situations, the employees might question to the co-worker who is encouraging them to sign union leaflets.  In such scenario, arise various questions that can be addresses to the co-worker:

Ø  What is the purpose of taking such a step?

Ø  Number of people involved with the idea

Ø  Demands of the employees

Ø  The plans they have considered to  fulfill it

After these queries are cleared the organization or the employees get a clear view of the whole scenario. The employees when have signed the authorization cards, it gets collected by the employees of the organization to evaluate the results. If 30% of the targeted labour strength signs up the authorization cards, then an election procedure can be called for the union in order to be accepted by the employer of the organization. The union members however can manipulate through the lobbies to change the laws and the policies of the company so that they can get more votes from the employees. More number of votes would be more beneficial for the union members. If more than 50% of the labour strength signs the cards, the role of the union would establish prominently and would negate the need for an election. The whole procedure of Union election is supervised by National Labour Election Board (NLRB). As per their rules and regulations they would decide if the union can represent the labours of the organization or not (Holland,Teicher, &Donaghey, 2019).


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