A form used to organize and check data before

1. A form used to organize and check data before preparing financial reports is known as a(n):a. trial balanceb. income statementc. balance sheetd. worksheet2. Equipment with a cost of $150,000 has an accumulated depreciation of $100,000. What isthe historical cost of the equipment?a. $150,000b. $50,000c. $200,000d. $100,0003. Bailey’s received its electric bill for December on December 31, but did not pay nor record it inthe general journal. This resulted in:a. understated assetsb. overstated net incomec. overstated liabilitiesd. understated capital4. The adjusted trial balance columns:a. help to ensure the ledger is still in balanceb. help to identify any errors that may have been made during adjustmentc. show updated account balances to aid in preparation of the financial statementsd. All of the above.5. The capital balance amount shown in the balance sheet column of the worksheet represents:a. the beginning capital plus net incomeb. the beginning capital plus net income less withdrawalc. the beginning capital less withdrawalsd. the beginning capital plus any investments to capital that occurred during theperiod6. On a worksheet, the income statement debit column totals $10,200 and the credit columntotals $10,000. Which of the following statements is correct?a. The company had a net loss of $200.b. The company had a net income of $200.c. The company’s revenues were greater than expenses.d. None of the above are correct.7. Adjusting journal entries:a. need not be journalized since they appear on the worksheet.b. need not be posted if the financial statements are prepared from the worksheet.c. are not needed if closing entries are prepared.d. must be journalized and posted.8. Accounts in which the balances are carried over from one accounting period to the next arecalled:a. real accountsb. nominal accountsc. temporary accountsd. zero accounts9. Closing entries:a. need not be journalized since they appear on the worksheetb. need not be posted if the financial statements are prepared from the worksheetc. are not needed if adjusting entries are preparedd. must be journalized and posted10. The entry to close income summary (net loss) was entered in reverse—income summary wasdebited and capital was credited. This error will cause:a. income summary to have a credit balanceb. income summary to have a debit balancec. the assets to be overstatedd. the liabilities to be overstated11. In the normal accounting cycle, the:a. financial statements are prepared after the adjusting entries are postedb. financial statements are prepared before the adjusting entries are postedc. adjusting and closing entries are journalized before the financial statements arepreparedd. post-closing trial balance is prepared before the closing entries are posted12. Closing entries will:a. increase the owner’s capitalb. decrease the owner’s capital balancec. either increase or decrease owner’s capitald. not affect the owner’s capital balance13. The adjusting entry to record depreciation for the company automobile would be:a. debit accumulated depreciation, automobile; credit depreciation expense,automobileb. debit accumulated depreciation, automobile; credit automobilec. debit depreciation expense, automobile; credit accumulated depreciation, automobiled. debit depreciation expense, automobile; credit automobile14. Internal control over a company’s assets should include the following policy:a. responsibilities and duties of employees will be dividedb. all cash receipts will be deposited into the bank the same day they arrivec. all cash payments will be made by check (except petty cash)d. All of the above.15. Company policy for internal control should include all of the following except:a. employees will be rotatedb. monthly bank statements should be sent to and reconciled by the same employeeswho authorize payments and write checksc. the owner (or responsible employee) signs all checks after receiving authorizationto pay from the departments concernedd. at time of payment, all supporting invoices or documents will be stamped “paid”16. If the written amount on the check does not match the amount expressed in figures, the bankmay:a. pay the amount written in wordsb. return the check unpaidc. contact the drawer to see what was meantd. All of the above.17. The bank would issue a credit memorandum to Maria’s Life Management when the bank:a. received the deposits in transitb. collects a note receivable from a customerc. discovered a check that was deposited was returned for nonsufficient fundsd. None of the above.18. How would outstanding checks be handled when reconciling the ending cash balance per thebank statement to the correct adjusted cash balance?a. They would be added to the balance of the bank statement.b. They would be subtracted from the balance of the bank statement.c. They would be added to the balance per books.d. They would be ignored.19. A petty cash fund is set up:a. to pay for large expensesb. to pay for small expensesc. for the owner to withdraw money for personal use convenientlyd. None of the above.20. A pay period is defined as:a. weeklyb. bi-weeklyc. monthlyd. All of the above.21. Gross earnings are the same as:a. regular earnings onlyb. regular earnings + overtime earningsc. net earningsd. net earnings + overtime earnings22. Bob Hill’s hourly rate is $25.00, and he worked 38 hours during the week. What is his grosspay for the week?a. $950b. $780c. $1,000d. $97523. Another name for the Fair Labor Standards Act is:a. Federal Insurance Contribution Actb. Federal Wage and Hour Lawc. Federal Income Tax Actd. Federal Hourly Law24. Which of the below allowances would have the least amount of taxes withheld for federalincome tax purposes?a. S-1b. S-0c. S-3d. S-225. Blue’s Tax Service has two types of employees: management and clerical support. Thecompany estimates that it will pay the clerical support $300,000 next year and the managers$255,000. For every $100, the company pays $0.14 into the workers’ compensationinsurance. Calculate the amount of workers’ compensation insurance.a. $777b. $336c. $441d. None of the above.


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