– Fungi

1. What are the major differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes?

2. What did you notice about the size of fungi as compared to bacteria?

3. What Domain are the Fungi classified in?

4. Fungi are divided into macroscopic & microscopic fungi. We did not discuss macroscopic fungi, but covered microscopic in detail. What are the two different groups of microscopic fungi?

5. What feature is fungal classification based on?

6. How do yeasts & molds differ in structure?

7. What are the variations in mold structure?

 – Protista

1. What did you notice about the size of protista as compared to bacteria?

2. What domain are the Protists classified in?

3. What are the 2 major divisions of Kingdom Protista?

4. What are diatoms?

5. Describe what diatoms look like under the light microscope. (If we didn’t look at the slide in class – search the internet)

6. What are the two life forms of protozoans?

7. How are protozoa classified?

8. Protozoans are divided into four major groups. What are they? Describe how they differ.

9. List each protozoan looked at in lab. Indicate its motility structure & which group it belongs to. You should also be able to identify the organism (& its scientific name) when shown a picture.

10. Many of the organisms we viewed are pathogens. Give a brief description of the disease or infection associated.

11. How does the ability to form cysts complicate health concerns?


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