Questions; – All essay questions must be answered in details.

01. Find the primary structure of the protein.


02. Given is the amino acid sequence. Find the possible DNA sequences.

(AUG)Methionine- proline-lysine-glycine-stop condone(UAA)

03. Mendel found that crossing wrinkle-seeded plants with pure round-seeded plants produced only round-seeded plants.  What genotypic & phenotypic ratios can be expected from a cross of a wrinkle-seeded plant & a plant heterozygous for this trait (seed appearance)?

04. What are the genotypic and phenotypic ratios of the following crosses

A. Heterozygous dominant Red flower * Homozygous white flower ( Red is the dominant trait)

B. Homozygous Dominant cross with heterozygous dominant

a. Round pea ( R), ovel pea (r )

b. Color Green ( G), color brown ( b)

c. Incomplete dominant of the color results in eclipse shape pea , and white color pea.


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