BIO-319 Week 7 Assignment Record Analysis Worksheet And Summary Report (RAP)

Using the previously submitted 3-Day Food Record, write a minimum one-page summary of the results of the Record Analysis Project and recommended changes to your personal dietary intake.

This should be in bullet format to allow for easy recognition of your analysis and recommended changes.  Example below:

  1. Analysis
    1. Recommended changes
  2. Iron intake was low compared to goals
    1. Decrease consumption of tea throughout the day to help increase absorption
    2. Increase consumption of citrus (Vitamin C) to increase absorption
    3. Visit my physician to have my blood tested for iron deficiency anemia
  3. Vegetable intake was low compared to “Choose my plate” guidelines
    1. List specific techniques you will use to increase vegetable intake (ie. Eat at salad at least 3 times per week for lunch)

You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.




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