DUE   Jan/2/2018          2PM     Los Angeles Time Zone

To prepare for the discussion read the following articles:

“I had my DNA picture taken with varying results”

FDA warns maker of genetic-testing kits

For this discussion, you should address:

  • Would you would be willing to undergo genetic testing?  If so, would you be willing to test for any diseases/conditions or just some? Some examples  – would you only want to test for fatal conditions? would you limit your testing to diseases you can do something about (cancers that you could be screened for or things like heart disease that changing your lifestyle might avoid? Conversely,  would you only want to be tested for conditions that are completely genetic where the testing is more accurate?
  • What type of regulations should be imposed on genetic test kits marketed towards consumers?

When you reply to your classmates, you should:

  • Pose questions to encourage them to consider a different viewpoint than what they stated.
  • Provide further information on a particular aspect of genetic testing or genetic test kits.

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