In some areas of the United States controversy surrounds the teaching of evolutionary theory in public schools.  Some groups contend that alternative, often non-scientific explanations (like creationism), should be taught in the science classroom with equal emphasis as evolutionary theory.  Most scientific organizations hold that these explanations can be a part of other classes, but as they are not science, should not be taught in a science classroom.  School boards are often subject to extreme pressure in making decisions about what should be included in the biology curriculum.

Imagine that you are part of a group that represents a school board that must vote on this issue —Whether biology teachers should be required to teach, with equal emphasis, alternative, non-scientific explanations (like creationism) when they teach evolutionary theory.  Think about the resolution below and then vote on the issue. You should also give your rationale for your vote.  Consider what you have learned about biology, science, bias, experimentation, etc..   Be specific in your rationale.  You need to be convincing in your argument.

Resolution to be voted on:   When the evolutionary theory is taught in public secondary schools, alternative explanations (including, but not limited to, creationism) must be given equal emphasis.

Vote:  YES or NO?


** Please provide your vote with rationale.  Include a reference (or references) to support your decision.

** Reply to a classmate so that discussion can ensue.  Writing should be of good quality.


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