As we near the end of the semester, think about which animals/ecosystems you’d like to explore further. Which do you want to see in the wild?

Plan a vacation for 2018 to go see a specific animal or habitat anywhere in the world (try something outside of the US, definitely out of CA).

Write this in a word document, inserting pictures as necessary. Save as a doc or PDF, then upload your finished work.


  • Best time of year to see the specific animal
  • What behaviors you would expect to see (breeding, feeding, migrating, etc)
  • In what way would you be able to interact with them? (SCUBA license needed? Boat, swim, cage dive, helicopter?)
  • Minimum budget needed for a three day, two-night stay, including travel and lodging expenses
  • One example of research being conducted on the animal or ecosystem

Expected answers/points (40 points total):

  • (2) Location: City, State, Country. Picture of map.
  • (2) When will I go? Month, year
  • (8) Purpose of trip: Why are you going here, at this time? 50 word minimum. Include a PICTURE
  • (8) What research is being conducted on the animal/ecosystem you’re visiting. Name a scientist and describe their research. 50 word minimum
  • (5) How will I get there? Give details, including mode of transport
  • (5) Where will I stay? Give details
  • (8) What activities will I participate in that involve the animal/ecosystem I’m visiting: Give details.
  • (2) Budget required?

Where do you want to go?

  • San Juan Island, WA over the summer to watch Orcas feed on salmon.
  • Antarctica in February to see humpback whales feed
  • Trinidad and Tobago to see Manatees during the wet season
  • Interact with “friendly” Gray whales in Baja Mexico in March

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