Go on a self-guided field trip to observe marine life. This can be an aquarium, or an area to observe wild marine life. Your chosen excursion must have either a guided ”tour” by a naturalist or a docent on hand to answer questions.

Here are a few suggestions:

The Marine Mammal Center

SF Bay Wildlife Refuge

Fitzgerald’s Marine Reserve

Aquarium of the Bay

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Google each place above for schedules.

Copy and paste the following questions into the answer box.

Answer each question in the space below each question. 5 points each question. 20 points total.

1.Where and when did your visit take place?

2. List and include pictures of 5 aquatic organisms that you observed. Pictures can be included in the answer box. Click on the insert picture icon.

3. What behaviors did you observe?

4. Ask the leader/docent two questions about the animal(s)/ecosystem you are observing.

a. State your questions.

b. What were their answers?


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