You will prepare an APA-style research paper to discuss energy topics, as follows:

Part 1

In 1 paragraph discussion the following:

  • In your own words, describe the laws of thermodynamics.
  • Explain how these scientific laws apply to energy use, energy conversions, and the need for energy efficiency.

Part 2

Describe the pros and cons of the following energy types, writing 1 paragraph for each:

  • Fossil fuel: Oil, natural gas, and coal
  • Nuclear energy
  • Solar energy
  • Wind power
  • Water (hydro) power
  • Bioconversion (biofuel)

Part 3

Research and describe 2 provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, writing 1 paragraph for each provision:

  • Describe each provision, and provide your opinion about how each provision helps the United States meet energy use goals.

9 to 10 paragraphs

apa format

pls include reference


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