BST 322 For each correlation coefficient below

1.For each correlation coefficient below, calculate what proportion of variance is shared by the two correlated variables:r = 0.25r = 0.33r = 0.90r= 0.142.For each coefficient of determination below, calculate the value of the correlation coefficient:r2 = 0.54r2 = 0.13r2 = 0.29r2 = 0.073.Suppose a researcher regressed surgical patients’ length of stay (dependent variable) in the hospital on a scale of functional ability measured 24 hours after surgery. Given the following, solve for the value of the intercept constant and write out the full regression equation:Mean length of stay = 6.5days; mean score on scale = 33; slope = -0.104.Using the regression equation calculated in Exercise 3, compute the predicted value of Y (length of hospital stay) for patients with the following functional ability scores:X = 42X = 68X = 23X = 105.Use the regression equation below for predicting graduate GPA for the three presented cases.Y? = -1.636 + 0.793(undergrad GPA) + 0.004(GREverbal) – 0.0009(GREquant)+0.009(Motivation)Subjectundergrad GPAGREverbalGREquantMotivation12.95605405523.25505906533.4600550706.Using the following information forR2,k, andN, calculate the value of theF statistic for testing the overall regression equation and determine whetherF is statistically significant at the 0.05 level:R2 = 0.13,k = 5,N = 120R2 = 0.53,k = 5,N = 30R2 = 0.28,k = 4,N = 64R2 = 0.14,k = 4,N = 647.According to the University of Chicago, as men age, their cholesterol level goes up. A new drug (XAB) is being tested to determine if it can lower cholesterol in aging males and at what dose. The data for the first test subject is below:Dose (mg) 2 3 5 6 8 10 Cholesterol level (mg/dL) 3101242011105220Plot the data and include a regression line in StatCrunch. Copy and paste your graph into your Word document for full credit.What is the correlation coefficientrand what does it mean in this case?What is the coefficient of determination and what does it mean in this case?Is there a statistically significant correlation between dose and cholesterol level in this case?What is the predicted cholesterol level for a person taking a dose of 4 mg? What about if they are not taking the drug at all (0 mg)?


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