Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Tips for Writing Academic Process Analysis Essays.

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Tips for Writing Academic Process Analysis Essays. The below example of an essay in the field of human resource management illustrates the most important elements and stages of&nbsp.the essay writing process.

Human resource management is a very broad field of study: it is necessary to identify a specific aspect or element within this discipline to avoid confusion. For example, an essay can be written to demonstrate an increasing prevalence of human-centered approach in modern management practices. In order to fulfill this task, the writer is supposed to perform a solid review of relevant literature in order to understand the management practices of the past and present and draw a comparison between them. The key problem here is making decisions concerning what information out of the available mass must be included and what left out. However, the literature surveyed within the framework of this study must not necessarily deal with only one specific HRM aspect: the most essential criterion is the ability of publication to show the core tendencies in management practices during the certain period. Only credible sources such as classic texts and peer-reviewed scholarly articles are taken into consideration during the review.

The fastest and most convenient way to locate the materials required for such study is via online libraries. Since an abundant amount of credible studies have been identified during the search, the only inclusion criteria that have been applied in the selection of sources are English language and thematic relevance mentioned above. Other criteria such as methodological soundness or date of publication have not been considered.&nbsp.

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