Considering the potential impact on others prior

1. Considering the potential impact on others prior to making a decision is consistent with ________ behavior.A. legalB. anti-socialC. ethicalD. self-motivated2. Purposefully understating your firm’s income to avoid paying higher taxes is an example of:A. An accepted business practice.B. Tax accountants doing their job.C. Illegal behavior.D. A firm’s responsibility to its owners.The first standard in business ethics is the legality of the activity. Tax evasion is illegal.3. Cigarette producers refused to voluntarily place health warnings on their packages. In response, the federal government passed laws requiring health warnings on all cigarette packages. With respect to ethical behavior, this sequence of events is:A. The intended approach.B. The desired approach.C. Not the desired approach.D. Not really a concern.Ethical behavior by businesses is a reflection of a concern for the welfare of society as a whole. Many different sources give the following statements of basic moral values: integrity, respect for human life, self-control, honesty, courage, and self-sacrifice are right; cheating, cowardice, and cruelty are wrong.4. Which of the following questions will help individuals and organizations when deciding if their decisions are ethicalA. Can I do this without getting caught?B. Is it balanced?C. Has it been done before?D. Is there a desirable alternative?


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