Could someone please help me with this question. I did the entire question, but then when I was ass

Could someone please help me with this question. I did the entire question, but then when I was assigning them to the two different types of treatments, I was having some trouble. I just figured that you could just number the females 1-42, and randomly pick 10 of them, and then number the males 43-87, and randomly select 10 of them. But, then how do you select the two types of treatment? I figured that since there are only 2 types, then you could just say the odd numbered ones get treatment 1 and the even numbered ones get treatment 2, but this definitely doesn’t work. Could someone please just lead me in the right direction? Thanks! You have been asked to select 20 participants for a drug trial that compares two different treatments for migraine headaches. The researchers have requested a block design (male/female) with control groups for each block. You have been given a list of people willing to participate in the trial, numbered from 1 to 87. The first 42 people are female; the rest are male. (a)Sketch a diagram for the design of this experiment. (b)In paragraph form, clearly explain how you will select your sample. (c)Beginning with Line 123 of the Random Number Table, select the twenty participants. Although I cannot help you with all of your questions, I think I can help a little. If you want, you can renumber the males 1-45 to continue on in your Random Number Table. This would still give you 10 of each gender in the two blocks. Within the randomly selected groups of males and females, just select every other one as treatment 2 and the remainder will be treatment 1. Since the original selection was random, this will also be random. However, for a better experimental design, I would have a third group, which is given a placebo. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.


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