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Original Post: Alcanivorax borkumensis is a rod-shaped bacteria that relies on oil to provide it with energy. Relatively rare in unpolluted seas it quickly comes to dominate the marine microbial ecosystem after an oil spill, and it can be found throughout the world’s oceans. Vtor A. P. Martins dos Santos of the German Research Center for Biotechnology and his colleagues broke the marine organism’s genome into more than 3 million base pairs and then pieced them together into a complete genetic map. ” Its seems that this bacteria survives or needs oil to stay alive. It seems crazy how this bacteria can live in an oil spill. When there is so many things that can not even survive in this environment but this bacteria can. It just makes you wonder what else it could survive in due to this environment and it’s survival.

”  Growth rates increased with increasing alkane chain length up to a maximum between C12 and C19, with no evident difference between even- and odd-numbered chain lengths, before decreasing with chain lengths greater than C19. Surface hydrophobicity of alkane-grown cells, assessed by determination of the water contact angles, showed a similar pattern, with maximum values associated with growth rates on alkanes with chain lengths between C11 and C19 and significantly lower values for cells grown on pyruvate. ” So  many different things chemicals or materials that make up this very unique bacteria. It then comes together to form this very different and complex ways of creating this bacteria. It contains so many different items to form this bacteria. It causes us to realize how these fine things come together to form this very special bacteria and the way it grows also makes you think so differently.

Instructions: The post should be a substantive comment of 100-150 words and  discussing either positive or negative aspects of the above organism. Be sure to support with at least one credible academic reference.


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