Original post-   Shigella Dysenteriae.  This in the United States is also more commonly known as the Shigella Sonnei. According to the CDC including the one commonly known to us there are 3 more which include: Shigella Flexneri, Shigella Boydii and Shigella Dysenteriae all totalling in 4 groups of this bacteria. In the United States Shigella Dysenteriae and Boydii are rare. The most serious and one form that can become deadly is Shigella Dysenteriae typically. According to the CDC Shigellosis is a bacteria that is in the form of diarrheal. When not practicing proper hygienically and aseptic techniques and a healthy body comes into contact with a person infected with just the smallest amount of contact with the infected stool one can become infected via touch. The symptoms are Diarrhea, stomach pain and the urgency of constant bathroom use. Within 1-2 days of contact of the infected host these may begin with lasting symptoms of anywhere from 1-2 weeks. With the proper lab testing this can be easily diagnosed by your local health care provider which can lead to the correct form of treatment for you. Depending on which form of the virus one has would depend on the treatment and route of recovery. One could need a form of antibiotic’s, especially if one has the Shigella Dysenteriae. With that being said one with a very good immune system and a healthy body to help correspond and fight off the bacteria, all one may need is a feww good day’s of rest along with a healthy diet to assist with the diarrhea and an especially good amount of water and hydrates so that one doesn’t allow the body to become dehydrated which could than latter lead into a more serious issues for one self.

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