EiS Systems Project Closure Technical Development EduData System

EiS Systems Project Closure

Technical Development

EduData System

Version: 1.5

Revision Date: 6/18/2019

Submit the document to the ITS PM Project Leadership Team; and archive this closure document with the project artifacts once completed.

Dept Approver Date Notes
AVP Henrietta Okoro 6/14/2019 Professional development coordinator
Lead Christian Dillon 6/14/2019 Team lead – Compilation / submissions
Team John Holmberg 6/14/2019 Documentation report clarification
Team Sean Austin 6/14/2019 Documentation detail
Team Charles Williams 6/14/2019 Documentation detail
Team Frank Opoku 6/14/2019 Documentation detal

Revision History

Identify document changes.

Version Date Name Description
1.0 4/15/2019 EduData Entrap Initial release
1.25 5/30/2019 EduData Eclipse Post Patch fixes
1.5 6/14/2019 EduData Enterprise Current final build

Section 1. General Information

Date of Project Start 04/02/2019 Date of Project Closure[footnoteRef:1] [1: Date of Project Closure refers to the project finish date, meaning all project tasks have been completed.] 06/17/2019
Role Name Phone Email
Project Sponsor Bob Brubaker 222/767-1171 Bob@college.edu
Project Lead Christian Dillon 800/777-6666 Christian@EiS.com
Owner Sam Smothers 237/654-2824 Sam@doofus.com

Section 2. Project Management Deliverables

Deliverable Date Completed Storage Location
Business Case completed and posted on suitable shared storage. 4/07/2019 College
Project Charter completed and posted on suitable shared storage. 4/17/2019
Project Register completed and posted on suitable shared storage. 4/19/2019
Meeting Notes completed and posted on suitable shared storage. 4/25/2109
Additional project documentation and artifacts posted on suitable shared storage, including Requirements Template, Project Change Requests, Milestone Timeline, Work Breakdown Structure, etc. 5/6/2019
Customer Satisfaction Survey results documented in Lessons Learned. 6/12/2019 N/A
Lessons Learned meeting held. 6/12/2019 N/A
Lessons Learned document completed and posted on suitable shared storage. Lessons Learned library updated. 6/12/2019
Request for Project Closure approval sent to Project Sponsor, Business 6/13/2019 N/A
Project Closure document submitted to PPMO Director, Project Sponsor, and Business Owner. 6/13/2019 N/A
Project Closure document completed and posted on suitable shared storage. 6/14/2019
Project folder moved from Active folder to Projects – Completed on suitable shared storage. 6/15/2019
Project closed in project portfolio. 6/17/2019 N/A

Section 3. Business Deliverables

Business Objective (Reference ID)* Description
Design implement EiS solution for shared documentation Met |_|  Not Met |_|

Backup and restoration policies Met |_|  Not Met |_|

Test and certification of EiS solution. Met |_|  Not Met |_|

Section 4. Closure Checklist

Item Question Description
1 Were all expected benefits and business outcomes realized? Yes |_| No |_|
2 Were all expected performance standards satisfied? Yes |_| No |_|
3 Have lessons learned and/or process improvement recommendations been documented? Yes |_| No |_|

Section 5. Outstanding Actions Items and Issues

Action Item and/or Issue Transition and/or Resolution


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