Evaluating Results And Benefits (HRM 652)Final Exam

In completing your final exam, please be sure that your work follows essay format. Your work should include significant responses that are supported by outside research. Each response should be a minimum of 150 words and should include a reference list. Your responses should include examples and should be entirely in your own words.

  1. Using your knowledge from what you have learned this term, analyze and provide an example of how using evaluation results can improve human performance technology projects.
  2. You have learned about non-profit organizations this term and the importance of the business practices. Using what you have learned, analyze the importance of shift to outcome measurement, impact evaluation, and sustainability from an administrative process.
  3. You have learned this term that stakeholders play an important role in the success of an organization. Summarize how stakeholder analysis and the development of logic models are related to an evaluation plan.
  4. Using what you have learned this term, define and analyze the implications of the five measurement and evaluation plans for the workplace.
  5. Using your workplace as an example, select the appropriate measures of reaction, learning, and confidence that might be used in the evaluation process.

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