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1. Select at least 2 cell structures. What hypothesis could you form to explain what would happen to the cell or the organism if each cell structure were damaged or destroyed? 75 words

2. What is basic and applied science? 75 words

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I think when it comes to understanding of basic chemistry it can help scientist cure different disease in the future as it did in the past. They just need to trace how and when the disease come from this way they can find a way to cure. When it comes to understanding it’s important for us to have knowledge of chemistry at its most basic form because to understand that on any area of biology we need to know its behavior of its living things to the function of cells in their location. Also, to understand the basic chemistry, scientists can help us be able to relate a cure disease that has already been experiment in the past. For the other question regards to some area where understanding body chemistry is a hot topic of discussion today, there are several areas. But I will list one that I find common or popular for some of us and may already know which is called Alzheimer’s. According to OpenStax College (2013), scientists have come to believe that Alzheimer’s can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Therefore, understanding the basic chemistry can help us understand how scientist are able to find a cure for different disease as they did in the past and today.

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4.  Do you think that with a good diet, and exercise the human mind can repair itself? 50 words

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5. A virus itself is not a living organism. However, they technically can be once they have a cell to host them, so it can kind of be a trick question. They have components that are also found in living things, but at the same time they lack many components that living things have as well. I personally believe the answer could go either way, depending on the virus and what the situation is.


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