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Sexual selection is a specific form of natural selection that states that some individuals in a population are more reproductively successful than others. The theory goes on to discuss traits that occur in individuals that don’t really offer increased survivability, but seemingly are in place for the sole purpose of attracting a mate. A male peacock’s bright feathers and horns of a male ibex are examples of these sexual traits.

Can you think of other examples? Do humans display any of these characteristics? 50 words count


Human culture is changing faster than humans can evolve. What evidence of rapid environmental change do you see locally, nationally, and globally? Explain. 50 words count

Write a paragraph on allele frequency and a paragraph on gene pool.

comment on Katelynn post 50 word count


One major change in our environment, as compared to most of human history, is our access to food! I think of how easy it is for me to run to the grocery store and pick up food shipped here from all over the world. It has not always been such a simple and common thing to enjoy the produce of other continents. Our “food environment” has, in a way, expanded beyond our immediate geographic location, and so our access to more varied nutrient sources is heightened. We also have abundant access to junk food! So, there is great opportunity for the emergence of both wonderfully healthy populations and woefully disease-ridden populations.


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