Help please. Need a 1 page newspaper article based off an attached article about homeless students t

Help please. Need a 1 page newspaper article based off an attached article about homeless students that MUST sound like written by a 6th grader and of course he waited until last minute and it’s due tonight!! Also attached is the performance task list that details assignment and the rubric which must be strictly followed in order to get high grade. He needs almost a 100 to pass English! This was a major assignment. So please follow rubric closely and its only one page and I need in next few hours. Thank you so much if can help!! And I reiterate, this really has to sound like a 12 year old / 6th grader! The last paper we turned in from here was given a zero as the teacher knew it was written by an educated adult. LOL. Its only one page thankfully! Newspaper Article (Performance Task) Summative: Expository Essay Your article will: 1.     Introduce human experience through definition and a preview of the aspects that will be discussed in the article;  2.    Organize ideas and information according to sub-topics: causes, aspects, challenges, impact on the individual and the community, and plan of action  3.    Include formatting (e.g., headings), graphics (e.g., charts, tables), and multimedia (e.g. pictures)  4.    Develop the topic with relevant facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, and other information and examples from non-fiction and fiction to inform the reader  5.    Use appropriate transitions show the connection between the human experience and the information and examples presented  6.    Use precise language  7.    Establish and maintain the tone and style of a newspaper article  8.    Provide a concluding section that includes a plan as to how disadvantaged people could be supported  9.    Follow the conventions of standard written English language  Your newspaper article will be assessed using a rubric for insightful, reflective thinking and response.  ……. …..


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