Identify and discuss three main factors in Machiavelli’s

This is an open-book essay exam. Please answer ALL THREE QUESTIONS in essay form. You are expected to provide short essays demonstrating specific understanding of the various theorists and concepts. In the body of your essay, you must use parenthetical citations from your textbook and/or packet materials. Each essay should be equivalent to at least one double-spaced page. Turabian Style 6th edition. There are three questions, each one has to be answered in a separate page.1. 1.Compare and contrast Plato and Aristotle’s view of politics as the exercise of reason and moral virtue. Be specific.2. 2.Identify and discuss three main factors in Machiavelli’s approach to political thought and practice that are considered to be a break from the previous classicalist thinkers, establishing an approach to modern political thought.3. 3.Compare and contrast Hobbes’s and Locke’s rationale for Man’s willingness to leave the state of nature and enter into the kind of social contract each presents. Please be specific. Keywords: human nature, state of nature, reason, natural law, natural rights, freedom, inconveniences, property, civil society, consent, security, and sovereignty.


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