Latent Print Processing

You will process 2 porous and 2 nonporous items for latent prints using supplies you are able to obtain as described below:
1. Black fingerprint powder
2. Crushed Charcoal
3. Unsweetened Cocoa
4. Corn Starch (last resort)
5. Fingerprint powdering brush or large make-up brush.
6. Clear wide scotch tape.
7. Index cards.

It is not mandatory for you to purchase fingerprint supplies for this project.

If you are interested in buying supplies, a 2 oz container of black fingerprint powder costs approximately $6.25 @ fingerprint powder

Process two of the following Nonporous items: window, glass table, or mirror and a door handle

Process two of the following Porous items: piece of paper and a wooden furniture item or wooden door

Please develop a 2-3 page essay detailing your experience with latent print processing, your results, and the value of latent prints.

Be sure to address the following in your essay:

1. The total number of latent or partial latent fingerprints you located on each item and their location on the specific item

2. A description of the supplies and techniques you used

3. Your expectations vs. your results

4. The value of latent fingerprint evidence in criminal investigations


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