Literature Review Research Paper

Title of Paper

Provide an introduction to your paper providing information on your topic and the main points that will be addressed. Your requirement is to pick a topic of interest to you that can be related back to biology.

Length should be at least half a page.






Relationship to Biology

Provide information and examples of how your topic relates to biology. You should use at least 2 primary references, which can include the textbook.

Length should be at least one page.





Synthesis of the Research

Provide information on 3 articles you foundfor your topic. For each article, describe the purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion. Once each article is described, write a one-paragraph synopsis of your viewpoint on the articles and how you think they are helpful for furthering that field of study. You should use at least 3 primary references.

Length should be at least 3 pages.


Career Building

Provide 2 examples of how you can enhance your career by conducting a literature review. Explain how these translate toward helping you achieve your future career goals. You should use at least 1 primary reference.

Length should be at least half a page.





Summarize your paper.

Length should be at least half a page.




Provide a list of your references used. Should be a total of 6 primary references and any other references that you may have included. Make sure you include in-text citations.


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