Management Reassessment Juan Quickley



Management Reassessment

Juan Quickley

There is a need for adjustments to the solutions provided because some do not focus on the action items of the implementation plan. The reassessment through the use of the SMART method to create goals calls for the adjustment of the solutions. The implementation of the solutions needs a clear statement of the specific details of the solution, like the person to undertake and implement the solution. The metrics to be used to measure the implementation of the task are not also defined clearly. Adjustment is also needed to ensure that the proposed solution aligns with the mission and vision of the organization to have a positive impact on the clients based on the goods and services provided by the organization. Before the implementation of the solutions, the risks associated with the implementation achieve set goals within the stipulated period to the benefit of the clients, and the organization at large.

Solutions such as intensified review of the management process need to be modified within a specified period. The stipulated time to achieve this and make changes in the management system may seem easy to conduct within the time, for instance, two months. Using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) method to get more specific makes the solution much better, for instance, time specification such as ‘by August 2019’. Review of the solutions may require adjustments to ensure that they are realistic and are manageable within the stipulated period. Not all the solutions may require adjustments, but the time factor and the realism of the tasks are the main factors that are considered after the reassessment.


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