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An organization called The Durante Foundation values education and wants to fundan educational community grant to enhance graduation rates. The foundation needs to understand the central tendencies for education levels of individuals within the community. A survey was taken of individuals, ages 24–35, to determine years of completed formal education. The foundation is requesting the mean, median, and mode values for grades of educational attainment within the community. Use the data set provided for Unit 3's SPSS assignment (13–20 equates to years in college).
Assignment Instructions
Respond to the following prompts in a one-page, APA-formatted paper: State the following values (from the SPSS output table): Mean. Median. Mode (or modes). Standard deviation. Interpret the data displayed in the SPSS output table. Which measure of central tendency is the most appropriate statistic to summarize these data and why? Provide a narrative summary to the Durante Foundation that would include the mean, mode, and median values and your interpretation of that data. Include implications of the findings for the foundation's future funding priorities. Attach your SPSS data set, found in Resources.


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