Microbiology Presentation

I need presentation in maximum 24 hour in  7-10 slides  answering  all questions   and site 2 reference in correct APA format  using articles that that i can find online for free this is not writing  homework

The normal flora of the body plays an extremely important role in maintaining a balance in a given body location. This is especially true for intestinal flora. This week, please watch the following video on fecal transplants. After watching this video, you will design a 7-10 slide powerpoint to present the key information regarding this procedure.

Here are the directions for this Module (week):

1). Access the web site for the video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9bYKd_Ffgc (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

2).   In this Discussion Board please design a 7-10 slide powerpoint presentation responding to this video. Please address the following topics in your presentation. You must use at least 2 scientific references to support your facts.

What part(s) of the intestinal tract have a characteristic normal flora? What specific populations of organisms are most common in this body location?

Describe the role of the intestinal microbial flora in digestion and maintaining health.

Describe the fecal transplant procedure. How is this done?

Discuss the intestinal disease(s) that you feel would be greatly helped by this procedure and why?

What is your position on this procedure?


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