Mr. Jones wants to know why you are recommending a formal selection program when the informal system they currently use is less expensive and seems to be working?

  1. Review the Sleep Tight Inn scenario.
  2. Review the grading rubric prior to completing this assignment.
  3. Complete the questions below and be sure to
    • Fully answer each question
    • Include bullet point recommendations
    • Provide at least a one page long document for each question
    • Include at least one outside source

Sleep Tight Inn Scenario

The  Sleep Tight! Resort and Conference Center of Albuquerque, N.M. has a  staff of over 300 full time employees and 100 seasonal employees in 10  different job categories. For the past twenty-five years the resort has  been run by the Clause family. The Clause family has had experience in  running several small motels and were very knowledgeable of the  industry. However, while they tried to treat the employees fairly, Mimi  Clause, the Manager, knew nothing of proper HR practices and tended to  make arbitrary decisions. She left many of the HR decisions to the  employment department which consisted of a secretary and an employment  supervisor who had been a secretary for Mimi’s mother. Eighteen months  ago, the family decided to hire Frank Jones as the new Manager of the  resort.

After evaluating the current operations, Frank Jones, decided that  the Resort was in fairly good shape except for the lack of standardized  Human Resource practices. Very little information existed to support any  of the past employment decisions, especially in the area of selection.  Although Jones does not have any direct experience in HR, he had taken  several courses in HRM while in college. In the last eighteen months, Jones has encountered several problems. He would like you to:

  • Evaluate the situation and identify the problem
  • Include short bullet point recommendations for each weekly assignment.



1a. Mr. Jones wants to know why you are recommending a formal  selection program when the informal system they currently use is less  expensive and seems to be working?

1b. Mr Jones wants to know if the Sleep Tight Inn should use  performance appraisal data to promote its employees? Why or why not?


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