Need an research paper on the clouds. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on the clouds. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. The Clouds It is through the poetry of the clouds that the sky expresses its sway over our imagination. Resounding with the flavour of seas and rivers, the sky is an ocean of air, a fact few of us take into regular consideration due to its imperceptibility. Yet this expanse of air does occasionally reveal itself in the motion and magnitude of clouds, and through their complexities and incarnations the currents become perceptible. In a way, clouds are the exquisite waves of the air, the visible demonstrations of the heavenly tide.

Hiking through a scarcely worn path, in the earthly realm where hills erupt into mountains, I slow my pace as I perceive an enormous cloud. Profound in its motionlessness, which shielded the preponderance of the sky, this long white cloud actively challenges the scope of the mountains accompanying it. After realising that my digital camera would be unable to truly capture the vision before me, I put the device aside in order to study the cloud from every viewing point available to me. Although I am no meteorologist, this cloud is an outstanding specimen of nature. This is an enormous lenticular cloud, created and moulded by the wind.

Hovering above the craggy horizon dominated by peaks competing for dominance, this cloud is a cohesive whole. Butting against the blue background in a scalloped and varying edge, it appears to be in overhanging layers. With edge conditions comparable to the exterior of a geode, less and less light flows through as the layers get deeper and lower. Through the varying shades of white, black and grey, I begin to fathom how large and intricate this formation truly is. This also makes for fascinating shadow play between the elements of this majestically still phenomenon, highlighting the collected microchasms creating the scene before me.

Haunting my path throughout my explorations of the landscape, the cloud’s massive thin and white expanse distinctly dominated an otherwise pristinely blue sky. Although I was out for most of the brusquely cool day, this thick and low form stayed precisely where I first noticed it, neither increasing nor decreasing in volume, or altering in shape. In my imagination it became a tidal wave, frozen into tranquillity while still pushing towards the shore. Although the winds whipped against my skin and challenged the branches above my head, the cloud was immune to its powerful effects.

There were no dark and bulbous cousins storming about and pouring water above me, yet this cloud was perhaps even more impressive because of its distinction. Although it harkened no desperate weather, the cloud silently and distinctly displayed the variations possible on a given day in the mountains. Through its persistent stalking and sky engulfing perimeters, I found a quiet sort of piece. For I knew that the cloud would still be over those mountain-tops after I departed, and that I was only an accidental witness to this majestic poem written in the sky.

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