Need help with my writing homework on Shopping Centres in Prague. Write a 3000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Shopping Centres in Prague. Write a 3000 word paper answering; They are also choosy in selecting the shopping centres. This research is aimed at studying the shopping centres in Prague and what are the preferences that the people who use it have.

In today’s modern world, time is perceived as a precious commodity. accordingly the society is very much concerned with time management. Therefore, it is expected that in order to be as time efficient as possible people avoid visiting shopping centres, which require an extended travelling time. They are more likely to visit frequently the shopping centre, which is easily reachable and accordingly requires a less time consuming travel.

Transportation by car is to be expected when travelling to an edge-of-city shopping centre, on the contrary people are more likely to use public transport, bicycle or simply walk when travelling to an in-town shopping centre.

Congestion and other traffic problems have made access to in-town shopping centres increasingly difficult, consequently this became a highly time consuming transportation method. Therefore, public transport is the solution, as it is not affected by traffic, thus it is expected to be used along with other methods like foot and bicycle which likewise are not influenced by traffic. Nevertheless, edge-of-city shopping centres are more easily accessible by means of car transportation as they tend to be located in areas where road communication is designed to create comfortable approach, these areas usually do not suffer from high levels of congestion. Moreover, car transportation allows people to carry bulky goods easily, this is of high importance as shopping tends to be one of the main reason for the visit.

Methods of data collection

A list of all Prague’s main shopping centres was made. This was then divided into in-town and edge-of-city shopping centres. The entire investigation is then based on this assortment. The Annexure-I gives the list of shopping centres. Both the hypothesis needs to be tested with the available number of shopping centres. Since it is difficult to check or study every one of the shopping centres available, it was decided to take two randomly selected shopping centres, one each from either of the groups, for this purpose2.

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