Need help with my writing homework on What does it mean for you to be the citizen of a nation state like the United States. Write a 500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on What does it mean for you to be the citizen of a nation state like the United States. Write a 500 word paper answering; “What does it mean for you to be the citizen of a nation like the United s” A citizen of the United s is a person born in the UnitedStates, married a Unites States citizen, or became naturalized. Many United States citizens are citizens by birth and some citizens are citizens by getting married to a citizen. Others become citizens by naturalization. Naturalization is when a person was born citizens of another country became citizens of another country through a legal process. The United States government expects naturalized citizens to have more allegiance to the United States than to their native born country. Once a person is a citizen of a particular country, this person has specific rights under the government of that country.

Citizens of the United States are entitled to the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. United States citizens have the right to vote, due process, own property, and other rights concerning life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A largely debated right of United States citizens is the freedom of religion. The Supreme Court has passed many laws to protect the freedom of religion insuring that the United States government favors no religious group over another religious group. United States citizenship insures protection under the law of the United States government and a citizen is subject to abide by the laws under the United States government. All rights entitled to citizens by birth are entitled to citizens by marriage and naturalization.

To become a citizen of a particular country by naturalization, a person must have patriotic feelings toward the country and view the country as his or her home. There is a sense of loyalty that must be part of the naturalization process. The government of a country often requires citizens to fight for the country during times of war. During these times, a loyal citizen will not question his or her duty to protect and serve the country. Loyalty and duty for the country are important requirements for citizens.

A citizen may fight to protect the government but the government also agrees to protect the citizens. Many naturalized citizens’ travel to the United Stated to obtain protection under the government from harsh and repressive governments of homelands. Protection is important to citizens and the government is required to protect its citizens from invading countries, terrorist, natural disasters, and other problems that may occur on a large scale. The United States is the land of the free and many immigrants travel to the United States to escape harsh rule. Becoming a citizen insures that the United States government can protect those seeking protection.

Citizenship by marriage requires a sense of loyalty but in a different respect. A citizen by marriage must have loyalty to his or her spouse and therefore loyalty to the country will follow if the spouse has loyalty. Marriage is a sacred union and entering into a marriage just to help a non-citizen become a citizen of a country but this often happens. Such marriages are illegal and can cause deportation for the illegitimate citizen, however. many non-citizens feel this to be the only solution to remaining in the country. The desire to remain in a country proves a small amount of loyalty, however. a person should become a citizen by legal means.

Citizenship is important for many people wanting to live in a different country with more opportunity. Loyalty for a country is important because the legal and governmental systems work on loyalty and duty. Every country relies on loyal and dutiful citizens to maintain the government and protection of the country. Citizens are entitled to the rights offered by the country and freedom to express religion is a major part of United States citizenships. The government is obligated to provide the same rights to all citizens whether born, married, or naturalize.

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