Reading Research Literature (RRL) Worksheet ***see attached form

Read over each of the following directions, the required Reading Research Literature worksheet, and grading rubric.

Download and complete the required Reading Research Literature (RRL) worksheet*** see attached



Download or access the required article. The required article must be used.  ***see attached

O’Connor, M., Tanner, P. , Miller, L.,  Watts, K., & Musiello, T. (2017). Detecting distress: Introducing routine screening in a gynecological cancer setting. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 21(1), 79-85. Retrieved from


You are required to complete the worksheet

Purpose of the Study

Using information from the required article and mostly your words, thoroughly summarize the purpose of the study. Describe what the study is about. Provide details

Reading Research Literature

Summarize why it is important for you to read and understand research literature. Summarize what you learned from completing the reading research literature activity worksheet. Provide details.


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