Nutrition Mini Response

Dying To Be Thin is a documentary from PBS.  This is an old documentary  but full of important information about eating disorders that is not  covered in your textbook.  You may search for this video on, or  you may find it on Netflix or Amazon Video.  You ill answer 8  questions about what you saw.  You must answer in complete sentences or  in the form of an essay. Questions are below.


  1. What impact the video has on your view of eating disorder and the health consequences. provide details.
  2. Discuss the most important lesson you learned from watching the video.
  3. What is the estimated number of people who suffer from anorexia and bulimia?
  4. What is the rate of anorexia or bulimia among adolescent girls?
  5. Name a way discussed in the movie regarding how culture contributes to eating disorders.
  6. What are three medical complications associated with prolonged starvation?
  7. What are three of the important aspects of successful treatment for people with anorexia or bulimia?
  8. According to the movie, how is the level of serotonin affected in people with eating disorder?

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