Outcome addressed in this activity: â?¢ Implement a textual storyboard which provides sufficient det

Outcome addressed in this activity:

• Implement a textual storyboard which provides sufficient detail to solve the problem you are presented with.

Course outcome practiced in this unit:

Apply programming design concepts through creation of story boards.

Problem Description:

The task is to animate a cat chasing a mouse as it tries to get close enough to catch it (within 1 foot). Of course, as the cat continues to chase the mouse, the mouse is also running away and moves to random positions, trying to lose the cat. You want the mouse running away to look realistic, and your cat’s movements to also appear realistic – in other words they are not just jumping all over the screen. Be sure to select an environment for where this chase occurs.

Instructions for Solution Storyboard:

1. Draw a flowchart to depict the objects and actions in the proposed animation.
2. Determine what methods will be required.
3. Use stepwise refinement (create a strategy diagram) to write pseudocode for the methods and ensure they contain only one action (e.g., catChase).
4. Determine and write pseudocode to describe the functions you will need and when they would be called.
5. Determine where loops will be required and write the appropriate pseudocode for those loops.
6. Determine what decision structures will be needed and where.
7. Write pseudocode to indicate what control structures will be required.
8. Show the relationship between the cat and mouse’s movement.
9. Submit only the pseudocode – textual storyboard and related flowcharts and strategy diagrams. You will not submit an Alice (A2W file). You can submit this as a Word document.


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