Find TWO different HUMAN society, culture, or religious examples for each of the following mating systems (not individual person examples, but societies as a whole).  Give the location and time period, and write a 2-3 sentence description for each (not just a title, but an actual description).  The examples can be modern day or historical.  Don’t use reasons or definitions as examples, but rather use actual examples of each human mating system.

Use your OWN words, do NOT copy and paste from a source.  Submissions that are plagiarized will be given an automatic zero.

Cite your sources for each example!  I need a direct link or correct citation, not just something like “Wikipedia.”  While we’re on the subject of Wikipedia–it is a very sketchy and unreliable source.  Use it only as a starting point, NOT as a sole source.  Don’t trust everything on Wikipedia to be accurate.

  1. Monogamy (two human examples)
  2. Polygyny (two human  examples)
  3. Polyandry (two human  examples)

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