Project on Intercultural Communication Barriers

Project on Intercultural Communication BarriersDiscussion Questions:a) Identify and elaborate the major characteristics of Pakistani Culture.b) Suppose an American lady has come to live in Pakistan. What are the possiblecommunication barriers she will have to face due to the cultural differences betweenAmerica and Pakistan? Support your arguments with examples.Parts of the Final projectTitle PageThe title of the reportThe name, title and address of the person group that authorized the report:Prepared for: Submitted to:The name, title and address of the person, group etc that prepared the report:Prepared by/ submitted byThe date on which the report was submittedThe title page signals the readers by giving the report title, author’s name, name of personor organization to which the report is addressed, and date of submission.Major topics of Discussion?? What is culture??? Bases of Pakistani culture?? Characteristics of Pakistani Culture?? Major characteristics of American Culture?? Comparison between the two cultures?? Possible communication problems, the American lady will have to faceVUSRIntroduction to Mass Communication MCM101Appendixeso ReferencesGuiding Rules:• Format your project keeping following points in your mind.• Font size should be 12 with Times New Roman• Bold your headings with 14 font size.• Do your project with full attention, interest and sincerity• Plagiarism will never be tolerated. Plagiarism is the use of directquotations without identifying them as such or the summarizing or paraphrasingof other quotations. If you do not specifically identify the source of ideas otherthan your own, you are plagiarizing.


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