public Yelp data created from a Yelp Database Challenge in 2017…. 1 answer below »

The report should not be longer than 5 pages including supporting graphs. The document should include 1 page of an executive summary and then lay out the data analysis you conducted. Most importantly, it should also include a page of limitations of your analysis and what additional data would be useful to inform an entrepreneur’s decision.
The following questions give you a guideline on how to start with your data analysis, but you are free to conduct other data analysis if you think it is useful.
1)Report summary statistics on the business
a.In a table (review, review count, price range, etc.)
b.Draw a bar chart/histogram of the star ratings, number of reviews, and the price ranges. What do you learn from the distribution?
2)Run a cluster analysis based on the latitude and longitude data and store the cluster membership in a new variable “Market” (delete outliers if necessary!)
a.For each cluster, report the summery statistics, number of different categories, etc.
b.For each cluster draw the same chart/histogram of the star ratings, number of reviews and price ranges and interpret.
c.You could take number of reviews as a proxy for demand. Is that a goodproxy?
3)What is the relationship of number of reviews and star ratings and price range? If you run a regression with the number of reviews as a dependent variable, how do you interpret the result? What can you learn about the number of reviews and ratings?
4)Other analysis?What are potential problems withthe analysis you ran? What additional data would you request? Be specific.
5)Given the demand information, reviews counts, and star ratings, where would you recommend to open a restaurant? What else can you learn from this data and reviews in general? Include everything in your executive summary.


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