Risk and Reward Assignment The management of any single organization is to correct any organizational deficiencies so that the organization



Risk and Reward Assignment

The management of any single organization is to correct any organizational deficiencies so that the organization may operate more efficiently and effectively. Among the significant managerial problem is poor communication, whose solution is always excellent communication. This solution can be achieved by ensuring that information between departments uses specific words which have only one meaning and do not provide a chance of misinterpretation. This type of language can be called strong language, which where terms are tightly defined, and in case there are numbers, they should be specific. Loose language tends to be ambiguous, and it admits multiple possible interpretations. Excellent communication as a solution to poor communication has some risks and rewards if implemented or not implemented.

​ Failure of implementation of the solution would lead to poor performance at the workplace, which a risk to the success of an organization. Its implementation, on the other hand, would have a rewarding effect. However, it would call for changes in the roles and responsibilities of the personnel. The communication department which disseminates the information would have a new role to learn on the best words and phrases to use when composing organization circulars or any information that needs to be passed among individuals. It may call for changes in the leadership of several sections like the communication department and deploy leaders who are ready to follow the new set rules.

​The changes in the communication ways would improve the communication reducing the communication barriers which would be caused by vulgar language. The clients of the organization would get more engaged with the organization due to the use of words and phrases which are easier to understand. Enhancing changes in the way of communication is a great step for the improvement of the brand or the reputation of the firm. When the skill is also carried forward to the other departments such as marketing and response to feedback, customers will get more satisfied with the way the communication is conducted, in a precise and straight forward manner.

​ To solve the communication and the delivery of services of an organization, providing high-quality training to the employees. This solution comes along with some risks in that not all the employees will be ready to attend the training sessions. The fact that not all the employees would be willing to attend the training comes as a risk for the implementation of the solution. On the other hand, the implementation has much of a reward than a risk. It would help to improve the communication strategies both with the clients and among the employees as well. The quality of the services and products provided would also improve, which usually is the goal of any organization to make more revenue from the goods and services.

​ The implementation of the solution would call for more departmental changes like in the manufacturing department where the roles and responsibilities to improve on the quality of the services and products. During the training sessions, if it is during the working hours, employees who are not on the session would be required to distribute themselves in the departments to keep the work going. However, at the end of it all, it is the company which would benefit from more revenue. The reputation of the company would improve from the quality of the services. The clients would get more engaged due to improved service quality and better communication skills.



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