Scholtes (1997), perhaps one of Deming’s most influential proteges recounts Dr. Deming’s ini

Scholtes (1997), perhaps one of Deming's most influential proteges recounts Dr. Deming's initial visits to Japan at the end of World War i The Japanese had been humbled by having to “endure the unendurable” viz, defeat and surrender Unlike the business elite of America, the leaders of Japan opened their minds to Deming's teachings. The cornerstone of all he taught them was compressed in a elegantly simple and profoundly powerful scheme for application-PDSA or “Plan, Do, Study. Act” (pp 31-34). Select one True False Usually, the same organization, or value-chain, cannot protitably meet the needs of two or more very different groups of customers Select one True False 鳲@f-st1利 1222 PM


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