Security isn’t simply a technology issue

Question(1) at least 150 words. Respond to the following: “Security isn’t simply a technologyissue, it’s a business issue.” Be sure to include business examples in your post.Question(2) at least 150 words Respond to the following: Supply chain management is less aboutmanaging the physical movement of goods and more about managing information. Discuss theimplications of this statement.Question (3) In a three-page APA formatted paper, not including the title and reference pages,provide an analysis answering the following:Use Internet resources or the Ashford University Library to identify two competing securityproducts such as antivirus software, firewall, anti-spyware, or any hardware. For each product,describe its capabilities, target business uses, and costs to purchase or license. Compare the twoproducts and recommend one for the business of your choice.Paper needs to have more than two scholarly sources.


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