Solutions to Management Problems Finding a solution as a manager in any organization is the goal everyone wishes to achieve in a management position.



Solutions to Management Problems

Finding a solution as a manager in any organization is the goal everyone wishes to achieve in a management position. Plans will be made by focusing more on the issues causing the problem to find the solutions for it and later solutions to be accepted by the team and achievable (Argenti, 2018). Therefore, it is essential to find a strategy to help in solving the problem and make the right decision as a manager will be essential to prioritize on the issues addressed first before going to the next one (Shenoy & Rosas, 2018). As a manager is essential to focus on the ideas, suggest solving the problem and whether the whole team will accept them. Any solution to be achieved, a rational approach can be used as one strategy to help in solving the issue (Shenoy & Rosas, 2018). For instance, communication is one of the best methods to be used among the individuals in any organization to create trust, respect, and help to solve differences that might be available in anyone (García, 2018). Also, in this process, embrace more on meetings for everyone to contribute and assist in solving the issues. Next is focusing on the tasks assigned to every individual in the organization. This is to know the responsibility of everyone to handle his section and whether the person has the skill to do the task correctly. To solve this issue as a manager is to monitor and be aware of everyone’s skill level and later have the decisions to make on what to do, such as transferring one from where he or she is to whereas a manager can deliver and do better (Shenoy & Rosas, 2018). Further, is the mentoring process, which is suitable for everyone. It is to make them learn more and improve their skill as expected (García, 2018). Training is also a better strategy to make everything more successful. Individuals in the organization have to be trained in their various positions to have ideas of managing the resources present. This is one of the best solutions for making every individual more responsible in their roles. The environmental condition is another issue to be addressed. Different factors can contribute to this. For example; one staying near the kitchen, poor chairs that causes one to be uncomfortable. A place or room which has no ventilation for fresh air and even light inaccessible (García, 2018). Therefore, solutions can be made to help those working under such environments to help them deliver well in their position they are working. It is possible; First, moving those around the kitchen to a better place far away. Second, is to buy well adjustable sits that enables one to sit in any position he feels okay and fine. Third, is finding the best room, which is ventilated and has windows for a light (Argenti, 2018). This is very natural and essential to everyone. In the above process for solving problems is very okay for one playing the managerial role position in any organization. It is time to consider if the solutions made are within the budget. This is to have all the calculations of the of what has been passed through and make purchases. Also, allocating some cash to programs such as mentoring and training needs to put into consideration as one of the issues that need more finance. The completion of the projects is another issue, and it has to be monitored well to avoid time wastage (Shenoy & Rosas, 2018). As a manager, engage the accountants to help in sorting out the issue. Lastly, it is a return on investment. Is one of the issues that can be worrying to some point, the manager needs more carefulness in every decision he thinks off and later to avoid making huge losses. It is possible to find accountants to assist (García, 2018). Therefore, managers have a significant role in finding solutions to make everything possible.


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