[Solved by Experts] 2001 12

[Solved by Experts] 2001 12

Learning Activity #1

Zaccaro, S, Rittman, A., Marks, M., noted in their article, “A major responsibility of the team leader is to facilitate for team members an accurate shared understanding of their operating environment.” How would you as a team leader effectively develop your team to accomplish the task and have an understanding of their operating environment?

Zaccaro, S., Rittman, A., & Marks, M. (2001). Team leadership. The Leadership Quarterly, 12 (2001)(12), 451–483. Retrieved August 19, 2015, from http://www.qub.ac.uk/elearning/media/Media,264498,en.pdf

Learning Activity #2

Outline a format for giving constructive feedback to team members. Please ensure you include the basis for your theory or approach to the feedback.

Note: Please ensure you are following the rubric for posting to the learning activities. This includes ensuring you support your post with course material/resources in an effort to tie in the activities to your weekly reading. (use the APA format when citing your sources)


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