[Solved by Experts] 600 Words Apa Format

[Solved by Experts] 600 Words Apa Format

 400-600 words APA format

Methods Exploration

Although you will not solidify your research design until you have completed the work involved in developing a great literature review, there are some key elements you can begin to determine now. One of the first things that you need to think through is, “Based on your exploration of your topic in the literature so far, where does your proposed research fall on the continuum of exploratory to mature research?”

Please find and review the following article:

This article may not be in the library, but it is widely accessible on the Web. Discuss the following:

  • Based on your review of the article, what are the indicators that your research is located at this point on the continuum?
  • Based on where your proposed research falls on the continuum, what method(s) are appropriate? Please explain why these methods are appropriate and relate your explanation back to the continuum.

Use the CTU Library and the Doctoral Resource Center for help with research and to locate articles.


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