[Solved by Experts] Analyze Northwest Fitness ’

[Solved by Experts] Analyze Northwest Fitness ’

Northwest Fitness: An Expansion Opportunity

1.     Analyze the trends in the fitness industry.  How do these trends affect Northwest and Bryan’s future decisions?

2.     Complete a Porter’s five forces analysis for the fitness industry.

3.     Complete a SWOT analysis for Northwest Fitness.

4.     Create a Statement of Cash Flows for fiscal 2017 and 2018 using U.S. GAAP format. Based on the Statement of Cash Flow, analyze Northwest Fitness’ ability to finance an expansion.

5.     Prepare and analyze a projected income statement and balance sheet for fiscal 2019.

6.     Calculate the most important ratios (analyze each of the ratio categories) for Northwest using information from 2016-2019.  How do these ratios compare over the years?  How is Northwest Fitness doing against the industry ratios provided in the case?

7.     Should Bryan expand?  Why or why not?  Support your decision using the information from the above questions. 


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