[Solved by Experts] Attitude Towards Unions Download

[Solved by Experts] Attitude Towards Unions Download


First, download the Attitudes Towards Unions test and complete it (see link below).  Read each column and select the best answer for you.  If you are unsure of which column to check, take your “best guess.”  After taking the test, count up the number of A’s and the number of  B’s you selected.  Depending upon what you selected, you will either support unions or support more business.

Attitude Towards Unions Download

Q1a What was your total A’s and B’s?  Share with the class the possible causes for any positive or negative feelings about labor relations/unions.  Find one or two questions that you strongly identify with and share why.  Then try and find a current event around your view and share with the class how this is still an important matter.  Try to find a well written publication that discusses the issue rather than a generic news source.

Q1b. Describe your union experience, or if none, research current benefits and downsides of being a union member (give a few examples), and comment on whether or not you would like to be part of a union.  

Don’t forget to use the proper sourcing.


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