[Solved by Experts] Could Negatively Affect Employee

[Solved by Experts] Could Negatively Affect Employee

You are the newly promoted HR Manager for a reputable institution. Judith, who is an employee, has come to you for advice, informing you that she has encountered several problems on the job. After two years in the position, no evaluation or appraisals were done, and she is having poor communication challenges with her supervisor who was always in meetings.

Judith believes her performance level is acceptable. However, since her appointment in the new position, she is challenged by improper lighting and poor ventilation in her work area and she is finding it very difficult to complete her assigned duties due to the lack of knowledge on the new equipment and machines in the office.

She has also expressed her dissatisfaction with the present situation which has led to her feeling demotivated as she also feels the compensation package for the position is not benefiting her. She believes that the volume of work is far more extensive than that of the previous position. She also mentions that she has noticed that the institution has been experiencing a very high staff turnover rate for the past 10 years after a six-month to one-year time span. Judith believes that she might be next, but that training and Annual Performance Appraisals would help to reduce the high staff turnover rate.


A. Explain the term, “Motivation.” (2 marks) B. Differentiate between onboarding and orientation (4 marks)

C. Discuss F OUR (4) organizational factors that could negatively affect employee’s motivation. (8 marks)

D. Discuss ways to attract, keep, and fully use talented and innovative employees. Responses SHOULD make reference to the areas as outlined below:

 i. Planning

ii. Recruiting and Selecting

iii. Compensation and Benefits

iv. Performance Appraisal



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