[Solved by Experts] Describe One Additional Social

[Solved by Experts] Describe One Additional Social

Of the three consequences of poverty in the U.S. presented by Leon-Guerrero, which one do you think is most serious and why—health care, food insecurity, housing?  In your view, how does this consequence compare to consequences of poverty in other parts of the world?  Describe one additional social phenomenon you consider to be an equally significant consequence of poverty in the U.S. and explain why you take this position.  Reference the textbook to support your position.

Required reading:  Leon-Guerrero (2019) chapter 2. 

Typed, numbered pages, checked for errors.  Include “References” page for all sources used, including your textbook.  Use APA or ASA format for in-text citations and References page.  A separate title page is required.

3 pages


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