[Solved by Experts] Detailed Replies Get Better

[Solved by Experts] Detailed Replies Get Better

Part 1:  For our discussion this week, choose oneof the following topics below to express your opinion about.  Please look up these topics in your book and use any factual evidence that you find to back up your thoughts so that you can make an informed argument for your opinion.  Please include the question you choose along with your response.

  1. Do you think that Title IX is still needed in order for women and girls to be equally represented in sports? Why or why not?
  2. Do you think the government should spend tax dollars to encourage people with disabilities to participate in sports? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think that sports participation is helpful or harmful for children? Why or why not?

Part 2: After writing your answer to the discussion topic, reply to at least 2 other student’s topics in MULTIPLE sentences (meaning a lot) with your own thoughts about their topic.  More detailed replies get better grades.  Simply replying “I agree,” or “I disagree” is NOT sufficient.  If other students have not posted their discussions yet, please remember to come back later to respond to their posts.  You may not always agree with classmates on some of their discussion views so please use respect when you reply back to their posts.

 NOTE:  Your main topic should be well written in a BIG PARAGRAPH with a VERY LOT of details.  This will allow others to understand how you see the subject matter from multiple angles/conclusions according to your perspective.  You should post your topic early in the week (ex. Thursday) and then return by the end of the week to reply to at least 2 other student’s discussion topics.  To reply to other student’s topics, click “reply” under their discussion, then leave your comments.  I am expecting this for each Discussion Topic you write.


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