[Solved by Experts] Discuss Contemporary Criminal Justice

[Solved by Experts] Discuss Contemporary Criminal Justice

  • Provide a minimum of three (3) pages but no more than five (5), double spaced, using 12pt font and one inch margins. 
  • Be sure to cite your work (APA Style) and provide a reference page.
  • Title and/or Reference Page is not included in the three (3) page minimum.

  • write a three to five page (3-5)  paper to demonstrate your proficiency and understanding.  You will discuss at least one of the course objectives.

Course objectives are as follows:

1.      Identify the main components of the criminal justice system and explain their contributions to the administration of justice. 

2.      Explain the 12 steps of the criminal justice process.

3.      Summarize the history of policing and explain the various law enforcement procedures.

4.      Describe the nature of due process and the specific constitutional amendments that guarantee these rights.

5.      Examine the makeup of the American court system.

6.      Evaluate modern correctional practices and the philosophies guiding both institutional and community corrections.

7.      Discuss contemporary criminal justice issues.


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